For the first time, a restaurant review made by kids for kids! Kidpick YouTube Channel is part of a crowdsourcing kids’ friendly platform that’s designed to put kids in the front seat of the family car. Let them take part in deciding where to go for dinner!

Meet Abbey: Abbey is a very articulated, lively, say it how you feel it, 10 years old; and she is passionate about food. Abbey will go to every kid’s friendly restaurant and share her experience with you! She will tell you which place is worth checking out and which is a big no no. Just like that, from one kid to another.

Kidpick. For Kids, By Kids - M.Selius  

Each week a new 6minutes webisode will feature Abbey in a different restaurant, looking through the Menu, choosing dishes to sample and share her thoughts of the food, the kids’ activities, the service and the ambience.  Abbey will visit anywhere and everywhere, from fast food chains to high-end restaurants, from local diners to well known places – it they have Kids’ Menu she is in! At the end of each webisode, Abbey will rate the restaurant using KidPick.

So next time your family wants to go out for dinner, just tune in to the Kidpick Channel!


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