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Boom Breakfast

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Hey there friends, it’s Abbey, and you are watching Kidpick! And on this special episode we ar…Oh, wait a minute…Oops! this is not a video, and you are actually reading this. Anyways, on this episode I had breakfast at Boom Breakfast & Co. in Toronto and it was amazing.


Yeah, that’s me outside Boom Breakfast, it was really cold and that’s why I had my jacket on. Now, let me show you what it looked like inside. Follow me!




As you can see Boom Breakfast is quite roomy and welcoming, and very well organized with everything having its place. Although, I kinda noticed it was pretty loud in there but that’s okay and I liked it.


Boom Breakfast had many different choices on their two-sided menu; the kids’ section had six food choices which I thought was cool.


And you are never going to guess what I ordered…FRESH BAKED WAFFLES!


This Waffle is the most amazing thing I have ever eaten, well done 3 stars.  



It was so sweet and yummy and sweet (how many times did I say ‘sweet’?), I wished my tummy was bigger because the dish was really big. I could only eat like half of it. I also ordered the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dish which I recommend for those of you who aren’t into sweet stuff. And it was pretty delicious, just like my yaya used to make it. That’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, by the way:


Well, I didn’t have dessert because this was a breakfast. Did I mention that Boom Breakfast’s prices are quite affordable and you don’t have to spend so much to eat a good meal. Plus the chef and waiters were really nice and communicated with me; they let me into the back of the kitchen to see how the Waffle I ate was made (I even made a friend…Yup! I did).

I really enjoyed breakfast at Boom Breakfast & Co., it was amazing and I wanna go again.

I recommend this restaurant for you!

See ya!



Oh, before I go, I’d like you to go out and try some waffles at Boom Breakfast & Co. or if you aren’t in Toronto visit a cool restaurant around you and try some then let me know what you think in the comment section. Also, I’d love to know what your favorite desserts are, and maybe I’d feature the best three desserts each week on this blog. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry now and may the best desserts win!



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