Boston Pizza

April 14, 2021

Hello there, food-loving friends, it is Abbey from Kidpick. On this episode I had breakfast at the Boston Pizza Restaurant

…or was it lunch. In any case, it was fun. Oh yeah, that’s Boston from the outside, and it looks pretty nice and neat. My head-warmer also looks pretty cool don’t you think? Yay!

Now, let’s go inside and get some grub. Follow me!


Okay, that’s Boston on the inside, and whoa, it’s really big and ‘spacey’ maybe it’s because it kinda serves as a sport bar too. It’s very well arranged and smells nice; it’s quiet but then it gets pretty loud with TVs on all four corners showing sports like wrestling, hockey, etc.

Okay, unto the next thing – menu. The menu had very many interesting choices in the kiddies section, and every one of them looked yummy. Yeah, that’s me on the menu.

Oh, wait, I meant that’s me WITH the menu, not ON the menu…I’m not for eating.

Ignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium volup tatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores.

Diana Bowman

Oh, wait, I meant that’s me WITH the menu, not ON the menu…I’m not for eating.


I really wanted to go outside my comfort zone in this episode, so I went for something hmmmm…kinda weird:


Bug ‘n’ Cheese! Bet you never heard of that before…lol. There it is!


Yeah, and with a little broccoli and stuff on the corner; I must say, it was a bit puddy-looking and didn’t taste very good majorly because it had a whole lot of things going on in it with the mixture. On the other hand my dessert was fabulous, and I loved it. I saw an actual ice-cream ball, can you imagine that? No, you don’t need to imagine; just look at it instead:


Yay, ice-cream ball! And the fun part was that it was nicely frozen and so it didn’t just melt off in a sec. Yummy!

Boston Pizza had a fun and activity book with a lot of cool stuffs like coloring, maze-puzzles, word-puzzle, etc. to keep kids entertained.


I didn’t really enjoy my meal at Boston Pizza, except the dessert, and I’d like to go again…though I won’t be ordering the same thing but if you like bug ‘n’ Cheese, please do come here, you might like it.

Please don’t forget to post you favorite dessert in the comment section, and also what you think about macancheese after you’ve tried it. Remember, best three desserts will be featured.


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