Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch

The legends are true; eggs and bacon do go together! Oops, spoiler there…sorry, I couldn’t resist. Okay, hey friends it’s your one and only Abbey from kidpick and on this episode I got to test the egg-bacon legend at Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant.   Who’s that? Oh, ... Continue Reading

Boston Pizza

Hello there, food-loving friends, it is Abbey from Kidpick. On this episode I had breakfast at the Boston Pizza Restaurant…or was it lunch. In any case, it was fun. Oh yeah, that’s Boston from the outside, and it looks pretty nice and neat. My head-warmer also looks pretty cool don’t you ... Continue Reading

HERO Certified Burgers

Hey guys, it’s Abbey from kidpick and on this episode I had lunch at…you guessed it: HERO CERTIFIED BURGERS. Yeah, that’s Hero Certified from the outside, looks good right? It gets better. Come in, and I’ll show you around. Hero Certified Burgers is really beautiful on the inside, ... Continue Reading

Boom Breakfast

Hey there friends, it’s Abbey, and you are watching Kidpick! And on this special episode we ar…Oh, wait a minute…Oops! this is not a video, and you are actually reading this. Anyways, on this episode I had breakfast at Boom Breakfast & Co. in Toronto and it was amazing. Yeah, ... Continue Reading