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Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch

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The legends are true; eggs and bacon do go together! Oops, spoiler there…sorry, I couldn’t resist. Okay, hey friends it’s your one and only Abbey from kidpick and on this episode I got to test the egg-bacon legend at Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant.


Who’s that? Oh, that’s me in my deep pink winter coat outside the restaurant, believe me I was freezing…well let’s all go inside and see what Cora’s like.


Well, that the view of Cora’s from behind the counter. It’s very well lit with natural light, and bulbs too. Then again there’s the paintings on the wall which makes the interior quite colorful. Although was pretty crowded in there, the atmosphere was kid and adult friendly.


The kids’ menu didn’t have very many choices but they all looked interesting. Well, like you already know (from my spoiler earlier) I ordered an egg with roast potatoes, and bacon.


The eggs and bacon were very delicious on their own, and of course I did try them together and it tasted absolutely fantabulous! (Yeah, I made up that new word). I didn’t really like the potato; it was kinda greasy, too greasy I must say.


I was kinda disappointed at the kiddies activity at Cora’s, it wasn’t challenging at all.



The price was really fair; the service was great and service was great, although Cora’s will have to do something about shortening the time between ordering and receive your meal.


I enjoy my breakfast at Cora’s and I recommend this restaurant for you.


And as always go out to Cora’s and try this dish and let me know what you think in the comments section below. Also remember to post your favorite dessert here too.







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