Hero Certified Burgers

March 30, 2021

Hey guys, it’s Abbey from kidpick and on this episode I had lunch at…you guessed it: HERO CERTIFIED BURGERS.

Yeah, that’s Hero Certified from the outside, looks good right? It gets better. Come in, and I’ll show you around.


Hero Certified Burgers is really beautiful on the inside, and very well organized and sophisticated as you can see; there’s a screen on the counter showing you some really cool stuff.


Hero Certified Burgers is really quiet and homely and colorful and very neat, see it below. I really loved it!

Now, the menu: it had some many great choices, you could really get confused on what to pick. It had choices for gluten-free, vegetarian, and others; you could have chicken, or fish, or a hot dog; and for a burger-place it’s impressive.


I ordered the Hero burger 100% seasoned angus beef, with sesame poppy seed bun and lettuce, and then the ultimate fries and milk. I also ordered the Nutella-topped ice-cream sundae.


Believe me the dish was amazing! It was nice and hot; the fries were delicious, crispy and fresh; the lettuce was crunchy; the bun was soft and chewy; the Nutella was smooth and cool and chocolatey.  I had so much fun.


I would definitely be returning to Hero Certified Burger, and I will be ordering the hero burger again. Every kid reading this post should go down to Hero Certified and try a burger and post their thoughts in the comment section below and post your favorite dessert ‘cos it could be one of the top three.

I totally recommend this restaurant for you and your family…and friends.

Bye for now!

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